Other metals

Other metals - Not only aluminium

Non-ferrous scrap metal trade
Salvi & De Faveri has for over 60 dealt in non-ferrous scrap recovery. We specialise in the purchase and sales of scrap aluminium, but we also collect by-products from the production of other materials, in particular:
  • copper (first s, second s/n, glazed copper and cables)
  • brass (turnings, skimming and bar scrap ingots)
  • bronze (skimming and turning)
  • zamak
  • steel
We are supplied by companies such as:
  • foundries
  • mechanical processing
  • extruders
  • rolling mills
  • die-casting
  • assemblers (with metal by-products)
  • metal refinishing
Naturally, aside from those listed above, we can collect metals from every kind of company producing a consistent quantity of scrap metal. Contact our offices: our staff is always at your disposal for a quote and to find the best solution for your request.
Other metals Other metals
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