Transportation and containers

Transportation and containers

We all know how important safety is when dealing with hazardous waste. Regulations indicate precise directives on recycling and disposal which must be complied with even starting from the collection and transport of scrap metals. Salvi & De Faveri scrupulously adhere to the procedures required for the proper recycling of scrap metal to protect the environment and to prevent heavy fines
Containers of various sizes at the disposal of our suppliers
We put 300 containers at the disposal of the companies from which we purchase scraps to support logistics, facilitating the stocking of the material intended for collection.

We deliver containers with the following characteristics on request:
  • capacity of 16 mc to 30 mc,
  • with a hydraulic lid or waterproof,
  • without a lid.
Staff trained and authorized to transport scrap metal
We have 3 road trains with sliding truck bed or with a claw, guided by our drivers and staff licensed to transport hazardous merchandise and substances.

Our company is registered to the National Environmental Register and our staff is trained in accordance with the provisions of the ADR regulation on road transport of hazardous waste (pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 35.2010).

We also have means for internal moving of scraps, such as claws and bulldozers.
Scraps are stocked in an organised way inside our warehouse to avoid potential contamination of the alloy.
Transportation and containers
We help you fill in documents
We support our suppliers with filling in delivery notes on the material to be transported pursuant to the provisions of the European Code on Wastes.

In so doing we help you save time and prevent compilation errors that could lead to unpleasant surprises.
Compilazione documenti
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