Recycling of aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Since 1956 recycling and trading of aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Salvi & De Faveri deals in the purchase, recovery, stoking, recycling, and sales of non-ferrous metals. We specialise in the aluminium trade. We are located in Italy, based in the province of Brescia. We work all over Italy and Europe, in countries like Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Poland, with a large machine fleet and a large, well-organised company. For over 60 years we have strived in the difficult sector of metals, testifying to out professionalism with our customers and suppliers. We ensure immediate payments on delivery.
Scrap aluminium trade
aluminium trade
We purchase aluminium scraps and other metals soon after the request and payment is immediate at delivery. We guarantee seriousness and transparency for our suppliers.
Aluminium recycling
We implement the recycling pathway of aluminium, choosing the best material and transforming it from waste into a semi-finished product. We deliver a ready-for-use product.
Transportation and containers
and containers
We organise the transport of scrap metal, scrupulously adhering to current regulations. We have 300 containers we offer on a free loan basis for our suppliers.
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