Aluminium scrap trade

Aluminium scrap trade – Purchase and sales

Salvi & De Faveri, dealing in metals since 1956.
We purchase, select and sell aluminium scraps and other non-ferrous metals in Italy and all over Europe, in countries like France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Poland.
Our company purchases scraps, guaranteeing immediate payments. We collect the material shortly after the request is made. In particular we buy the waste of machine shops, turning shops, window and door manufacturers, foundries, typographers, printers and extrusion companies. We transport the material from the company to our facility scrupulous following regulations on movement of potentially hazardous waste. Moreover, we have 300 containers we provide on a free loan basis to set aside material.

Below are some examples of aluminium scraps that we collect and that, once selected and processed, are sold to refineries and foundries.
We purchase fusion waste, so-called slag dross, whether primary or secondary alloy waste, rolling mills and book mould.
We also buy aluminium casting scraps with or without iron from foundries. We also collect castings with imperfections, discarded by companies that deal in mechanical processing.
We purchase deburred aluminium manufactured over various processing cycles from die casting companies.
We collect window and door production waste. We purchase blank profiles, thermally broken or not, and varnished profiles, thermally broken or not. Profiles exceeding a length of 100 cm are cut and subdivided into smaller parts, ready for loading into the furnace.
Turning waste
We purchase the waste of turning companies, whether they deal in small metal parts or large parts. We seek both single-alloy and mixed-alloy burrs.
We purchase aluminium sheet scraps from various companies, such as from companies that perform sheet processing and laser cutting. We are also supplied by companies that perform offset sheet typography used for printing. We collect aluminium sheets of various types: 99% minimum aluminium alloy with manganese and magnesium.
Punching scraps
Again from machine shops that deal in sheet metal processing, we collect the aluminium sheet scraps that are a specific by-product of the punching processing.
We often collaborate with companies that deal in drawing. We purchase aluminium cables from these companies, items that are ever more common because they are alternatives to the use of more expensive copper.
Aluminium ingots
Do you need to clear your warehouse of aluminium ingots left over from production? We collect and purchase on the spot.
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