Non ferrous metal trade

Non ferrous metal trade
Transparent and professional service for over 60 years
Since 1956 Salvi & De Faveri has traded non-ferrous metals in Italy and internationally, in particular in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Eastern Europe. For more than 60 years our work has testified to our utmost professionalism, which we have always put at the service of our customers and suppliers.

We specialise in the purchase, sales and recycling of aluminium, also called "the infinite metal" because of its characteristic of being continuously reusable.

In fact, aluminium has many applications: from transport to mechanics, from electronics to home and office equipment, finding a new life in different objects and machines.
Aluminium recycling
Aluminium recycling to protect the environment
Our company has also always disposed of non-ferrous metals pursuant to the Ronchi decree of 1997; we have always specialised in the important activity of reusing and recycling.

We believe in this work, because we know how important energy savings is for protecting the environment.

Reuse of aluminium, specifically, reuse of aluminium brings with it 95 percent energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions are drastically reduced from the complete production cycle starting from the raw material.
Full support for our suppliers
Full support for our suppliers
For many years we have relied on many companies that have entrusted us to recover their aluminium scraps generated by production cycles and at the same time we are always looking for new suppliers who want to start a new trusted relationship.

We work with precision to better support the logistics of our suppliers in handling their scraps:
  • we provide containers of all types and sizes on a free loan for use basis,
  • we guarantee collection of material within 48 hours of the request,
  • we always pay for the material upon billing.
Ready-for-use material for our customer
Ready-for-use material for our customer
We guarantee that our customers will be supplied with quality-controlled material, free of impurities and radioactive elements. We stock it scrupulously by type, in order to avoid alloy contamination and to simplify the customer's work.

In fact, this cuts time and costs for material handling, both at delivery and at the next use for the buyer.

In the next section, aluminium recycling processing, you will find our processing cycle for recovering aluminium from pickup to delivery at our customer's facility.
Safe movement of scrap metal
Safe movement of scrap metal
The surface area of our company is 6000 m² and it has a covered area of 3000 m². We process materials with high environmental impact that we move in full compliance with safety regulations.

Air emissions, to and from the outside, are controlled via filtration systems able to recover all processing powders in full compliance with environmental regulations. We have a wastewater collection system to prevent any contamination of the water table.