Processing for recovery and sale of recycled aluminium

Aluminium from waste to semi-processed
Aluminium recycling process

Aluminium from waste
to semi-processed

The material provided is brought to the company by our drivers, organised and prepared for delivery to customers following a precise procedure. Aluminium and all of the material we purchase is controlled at arrival by a scanner that detects any presence of radiation.

After the inspection our technicians weigh the material and check it - also visually. After checking it a second time, we unload the material into an internal space of our warehouse so that the aluminium will be sheltered from the weather. The spaces are organised by type of scrap, accurately divided to prevent potential alloy contamination.

We also conduct analysis of the yield upon request, also using a specific radiation scanner that detects the quantities of chemical component present in the "scraps".
Pieces sorted, cut and delivered in big bags on request
Aluminium recycling process

Pieces sorted, cut and delivered in big bags on request

Any pieces that contain free iron are sorted, using a specific magnet via electricity applied by a company machine.

The aluminium components not in the right size for immediate use are cut with a mechanical shear so that they do not exceed 80-100 cm, so that they are oven-ready.

The aluminium extracted from turnings can be delivered in our container or gathered into dedicated big bags ready for unloading directly into the refinery oven.